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Finwave represents the evolution and synthesis of the skills and experiences of the prestigious companies Arcares, Liscor, Finance Evolution and CSTTech. This merger has created a unique and dynamic entity, with a turnover of almost 50 million euros, positioning us as the primary company in Italy for credit management solutions and other specific needs of the banking world.

We stand out for our ability to meet the needs of all players in the financial market, offering end-to-end platforms and distinctive expertise in several key areas. Our skills range from Factoring to Lending, from Consumer Credit to UTP/NPL, from Bank applications to Wealth Management, from Security Services to Fund management, up to Compliance and much more.

We have a dynamic and scalable approach, capable of adapting to the specific needs of each customer. We are aware of the challenges of the market and are able to provide innovative and customized solutions to respond to continous changing needs. Our presence covers a wide range of services and applications, ensuring complete and integrated management of financial activities.

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We work end-to-end, developing complete application and infrastructure solutions and working with the best technology partners in the market to build an integrated ecosystem which grows and evolves with your business goals. We know the specific processes of each industry, and we are able to optimize them covering every step, from onboarding and operations right through to regulatory reporting.

Finwave is therefore able to provide a complete, integrated digital offering which satisfies the entire lifecycle of your business, thanks to seven end-to-end platforms:

  • Factoring
  • Lending
  • Consumer Finance
  • Compliance
  • Securities & Funds
  • Banking

“Thanks to the vertical expertise of each of the incorporated companies, Finwave aims to become the benchmark in Italy for credit management solutions, both for performing and impaired (UTP and NPL) loans, and is able to guide companies in the sector in their end-to-end digital transformation process. This allows us to have diversified approaches for different targets, from small financial brokerages to large banking groups, in all our areas of expertise, in a scalable and flexible manner” - Willy Burkhardt, CEO of Finwave.


Willy Burkhardt
Chief Executive Officer


Angelo Mezzacasa
Factoring Division Director


Leandro Vitali
Lending Division Director

Progetto Senza Titolo 2023 04 12T143658.767

Gianpaolo Schiavon
Regtech Division Director


Virgilio Taverniti
Security & Post Trading Services Division Director


Massimiliano Locci
Banking Division Director

Finwave Chi Siamo Il Nostro Team

Our Team

Finwave is a young company made of up 500 talented individuals, of whom 40% are women. We put significant resources into research and innovation on a daily basis, and we believe in the power of training: our employees benefit from growth paths personalized to their aspirations.

We have created a smart environment, where goals and results count more than hours logged in the office. We are attentive to sustainability, choosing infrastructure and materials with a low environmental impact. “Future” for us not only means growth, but also caring for people and the environment.

Join Finwave and be part of a company that is committed to creating an inspiring, sustainable and people-centric work environment. We are ready to welcome you and offer you an opportunity for professional growth and fulfillment in an innovative and future-oriented context.

Finwave, a success story

Finwave was formed by the merger of Arcares, Liscor, Finance Evolution and CSTTech. The companies undertook a strategic path, becoming a single 50-million-euro company which brings together the skills and expertise of all its professionals: Factoring,Lending, Consumer Finance, UTP, NPL, Banking, Securities and Regulation.

Over the last 20 years, the companies which formed Finwave have helped our clients grow their business in a complex market, with specific platforms that support all financial products and business functions, guaranteeing full conformity with regulations and helping them in their digital evolution roadmap.


Founded in 1987, Arcares is the undisputed leader in the Italian market for the supply of advanced factoring solutions, through the “K4F – Keystone for Finance” platform. More than 50% of Italian factoring turnover is now managed on K4F. The company’s in-depth knowledge of business processes allows for continuous growth of the product and an ever-stronger evolution towards digitization and interoperability: K4F allows complete standalone management of company processes, both internal and client-facing ones, while at the same time operating in an integrated manner both with the main supply chain management platforms and with all the main core banking systems present in Italy.


Liscor has a complete offering with front-to-back coverage for the rental, operating leasing and financial leasing sectors, ranging from digital onboarding and management and administration of contracts and asset portfolios, through to Banca d’Italia compliance, with a focus on smart leasing and self-service portals for end clients.

Liscor’s digital platforms allow for a modular and scalable approach, and are chosen by our clients in both SaaS and on-premise versions.

Finance Evolution

Finance Evolution is a Turin-based company with a focus on the Finance sector. It offers IT and BPO services to over 30 clients including Italian and foreign banks with a presence within Italy and internationally, and to other financial operators. The Panda solution manages the bank’s processes and also makes available the consumer credit and UTP and NPL portfolio management modules. The specific solutions for Securities Services have been chosen by major Italian and foreign institutions to handle the emerging challenges of corporate and retail markets.

It brings authoritativeness in important areas such as banking and process consultancy to Finwave.


CSTTech’s offering is based on its in-depth knowledge of designing and creating software solutions for businesses, with a vertical area dedicated to the analysis and creation of solutions for regulatory reporting and compliance. CSTTech is a reliable and competent partner in cross-cutting areas with solutions including electronic invoicing, digital signing, document retention, and more generally process digitization/automation customized for the individual client, with a simple focus oriented towards greater efficiency and better performance.

It brings authoritativeness in important areas such as regulatory and process consultancy, as well as the core area of compliance and regulatory reporting, both local and global, to Finwave.



Design, development and marketing of software systems and solutions for the financial, factoring and credit sectors; provision of related maintenance, consultancy, support and assistance services. Provision of professional services in the IT sector. BusinessProcess Outsourcing (BPO) on the reporting activities of the Italian central banking authority. Provision of IT services and products related to compliance and regulatory processes in corporate and banking fields.

Certificate issued in compliance with the version of statement of applicability of 13/09/2022.

Policy SGSI 27001-22301 May 2024 Certificate UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 27001:2017


Design, development and marketing of systems, solutions and software products for factoring and in general for the financial and credit sector and related maintenance and support services. Provision of related professional and consultancy services in the IT sector.

Provision of IT services and products related to compliance and regulatory processes in corporate and banking fields.

Policy SQ 9001 May 2024 Certificate UNI EN ISO 9001:2015


Finwave considers it fundamental to operate in full compliance with all laws and the core principles of clarity and transparency. The company is strongly committed to the standards and principles of honesty, integrity and correctness which characterize our business ethics. We consider ethics to be a main priority in managing relationships with our stakeholders in our activities.

Finwave has adopted a code of ethics in the field of its activities, and has adopted legal and regulatory compliance in the countries of reference as well as internal regulations as its guiding principles, within a framework of integrity, correctness and confidentiality. Finwave aims to reconcile the search for competitiveness in the market with compliance with competition law, and to promote correct and functional use of resources within a framework of social responsibility and environmental protection.

The company has adopted the organization and management models required by Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001, “Regulations governing the administrative responsibility of judicial entities, companies and associations, including those without legal status.

Finwave believes that the future must be built together, one step at a time.

Teamwork and commitment are indeed our essential factors. For this reason, we set goals and commit to creating a stimulating, collaborative atmosphere, in which discrimination is not tolerated.

The company has also set up and implemented a workplace health and safety system which complies with applicable legislation and is suited to the risks inherent in the work activities of its employees, and considers health and safety at work to be a priority, whether it be in the office, when working from home, or working at client’s premises.

Companies today need to operate in a responsible manner in order to minimize their environmental footprint, and therefore attentive and aware management is a fundamental requirement. Our approach aims to achieve continuous improvement and streamlining of our operations and processes.

In our sustainability strategy, we commit to integrating environmental responsibility into our business.

Finwave’s strategy is to integrate ESG indicators into our business.

ESG factors also become part of the company’s service offering, providing evidence of the focus placed by the management on these aspects and the increasing requirements of the market for ESG indicators for credit and risk assessment ratings.

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